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 A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do....
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  Motivation is what gets you started & Habit is what keeps you going....Welcome to Shahab khan's personal website!  

In my heart:

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When the World's not on your side
You don't know where to run to...
You don't know where to hide...

You gaze at the starts in the sky
At the mountains so high...
Through the tears in your eyes
Looking for a replace what is gone

Just remember, remember
That you are never alone

Just reach into your heart
And see
God is always there!!!

Through sorrow & through grief
Through happiness & peace
You are never alone...

   Hi everyone, Welcome to my million dollar homepage!. This is
   Shahab Khan, a cool techy guy from AMU.
                 I have completed my secondary level education till
   now & presently I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Electri-
cal Engineering from Zakir Hussain College Of Engineering & Technology,
Aligarh Muslim University , Aligarh.
                                             Though its always very hard for me to have
a say on myself but i can try and here goes nothing. So starting with my inte-
rests,I rarely found any consistency in them & they vary from  playing cricket
to managing dozen of sites and blogs [Visit my latest site ].
                  Now nature wise I often found myself as quite a empathetic guy
who loves to make friends but only good ones because I believe that one cari-
ng heart is far more better than thousand beautiful faces roaming around you.
I just can't bear anything wrong going around my friends and family, and they
really mean a lot to me,more so because they really look out for me & tolerate
the really bad temper I possess. I really care for the emotions, sentiments and
expect the same from my friends.
                                      Right now, I am at a loss for words and ideas as
to what I should and should not share with you, so, as soon as my quiescent
brain starts working I'll let you know more about myself in a more  interesting
way. Anyways, you can sign my guestbook [if you wish] for expressing your
views on my site, & your comment will be highly appreciated. Finally, I would
like to say thanks to you for bearing with me while going through all the long
-winded confusing detail provided above - I really appreciate it.